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  • Can I share a tour with others?
    Unfortunately not. The tour is meant for a single person for the best possible experience. If travelling in a group, we recommend buying one for each person.
  • How to use coupon codes from websites like Getyourguide, Viator and Klook?
    Open the Tourific app and go to the 'Tour Code' section. Use one unique code per person and sign in to activate your access. Once registered, the tour will be downloaded to your app. You can find it in the 'downloads' section for offline access anytime.
  • How long will I have access to a tour I buy/ download? Can I listen to it multiple times?
    You will have access to a tour for a minimum of 1 year after buying/ downloading. You can go back and listen to the tour any number of times. Please note that there maybe changes to the tour by the creator in that time
  • What if I have an issue with a tour?
    We review our tours and continuously test our app but in case you face any issues please reach out to us at and we will sort it out for you. If you are not satisfied, we will refund the amount to you
  • Can I access the tours on multiple devices?
    Yes, you can access the tour on multiple devices but please note that you maybe logged out of one device when logging into another
  • How does Tourific work?
    Find a tour that you like and buy/ download it. It will then be available for you to use. Each tour has a map/ trail as well as images and audio at each stop that you can listen to and enjoy at your own pace
  • Do I need mobile data/ internet connectivity to access the tour?
    No, you need internet access only at the time of buying/ downloading the tour. Once it is downloaded (you can see it in the downloads section), you are free to use it on your device without having to worry about internet access.
  • Why haven't I received my coupon code?
    Please note that you will receive tour codes one day before your booking (if booked in advance), on the morning of the tour if booked on the previous day or within an hour if booked on day of the tour. Please check your spam folder if you cannot find the email before contacting us.
  • Why is my coupon code not being accepted (or showing as invalid)?
    Make sure that you have entered the coupon code correctly and that other members of your group (if you have booked for more than one person) have not already used the coupon code. If the issue persists, please contact us by writing to
  • How do I create a tour?
    First you will need to download the Tourific app. Login and create a profile under the create a tour section Enter high level details about your tour (language, duration, type, price etc) and find a unique tour name which captures the essence of your tour Then for each stop in the tour, add the location (can be skipped for indoor tours like museums), image and audio Once you have finished with all the stops, preview and submit Our team will review and publish the tour in under 72 hours. <Coming soon: video tutorial>
  • How can I promote my tour?
    Share your tour with friends, family, acquaintances or on your social media handle. Tourific will be promoting the app and all ours associated with it and we do not promote specific tours at the moment. We currently do not support listing the tour on platforms like tripadvisor, viator etc but this is something we are working on enabling at an additional cost
  • Who can create a tour?
    Absolutely ANYONE! Whether you are a local with a lot of knowledge of your neighbourhood, a foodie who knows the best places and dishes for eating, a photographer who has the list of most insta-worthy spots, an art history student who wants to create the perfect museum trail, a travel blogger who has great itineraries or a professional tour guide, you are welcome to use Tourific to create and share your idea of a great tour. What’s more it is COMPLETELY FREE!
  • What kind of tours does Tourific support?
    Tourific aims to enable creators to create any and every type of tour that they want to. We currently support walking, cycling, motorbike, driving, hiking, indoor, food, instagrammable/photo locations, shopping and puzzle themed tours. If you want to add another category, feel free to give us your suggestions by writing to
  • What languages and locations does Tourific support? What to do if I want to create a tour which is of a different type/ language/ location?
    We plan to launch new languages and locations on a regular basis and you can check our app for them. If you want to add another language/ location, please write to us at and we will do our best to provide additional support for the same
  • I have an idea. How can you help me bring it to life?
    Write to us at with your idea and our team will get in touch with you to bring it to life
  • How and how much will I be paid for the tours I create?
    Here's a breakdown of how you get paid: You set your tour price. You list your tour at a specific price in USD on our platform. Price for Users. This price gets converted to the user's local currency by the app store (Apple or Google Play) or third party platform. Taxes , Fees and platform commission. When someone buys your tour, depending on the platform where it is sold: App Store Fees: Apple or Google takes a 15% fee for processing the purchase plus VAT Getyourguide, Viator and other third party platforms: They usually charge 30% but can give you access to a very wide audience. Note: Only one of the above two will be applicable Our Commission. We take a 10% commission from the remaining amount after taxes and app store/ third party fees Your Earnings. Finally, the remaining amount gets transferred to your account. Example: You list your tour at $5.99 USD. A customer in the UK buys it at £5.99 GBP (as converted by the app store). £1 is charged as VAT. Apple deducts 15% from the remaining amount. The remaining amount is converted back to USD (around $5.35 USD) and sent to us. We deduct our 10% commission ($0.54 USD). You receive $4.81 USD in your account. The same tour if listed on Getyourguide, will fetch you $3.77 ($5.99-$1.8 GYG commission- $0.41 Tourific platform commission) This amount will be credited on a monthly basis provided you have earned at least 20 USD in revenue (else it will be carried forward till you have earned 20 USD in total at which point it will be credited. This is to minimise transaction and currency conversion charges) Future Plans for Tour Purchases: Please note that in the future, we plan to expand our purchasing options. This expansion includes: Website Purchases: We intend to offer the option for users to buy tours directly through our website. This method may result in lower costs for creators as there will be fewer intermediary fees involved. Other third party collaborations through Bokun marketplace We will provide further updates and details on these additional purchasing options as we progress. Thank you for your understanding and support as we strive to enhance your experience on our platform.
  • Will I be taxed for the income I get from my tours?
    You may be liable to pay tax for the income you earn from tours in your country. We recommend checking with your local tax authorities
  • What are some tips for creating a good tour?
    Put yourself in the tourists’ shoes. Try the tour and look for audio clarity and whether the stops are easy to identify from the images. You don’t need specialised equipment. Just your phone should do but make sure you are not in a noisy environment while recording audio. Include important information like start and end point, best time to take the tour etc in the description and give preview of a stop so tourists know what to expect Pay attention to transition between stops and make it easy to find the next stop Build flexibility into your tour. You can suggest alternative routes, additional/ skippable stops Consider offering your tour for free initially to gather feedback. Use reviews to improve and re-publish the tour
  • Can I add videos to my tour?
    We currently do not support adding videos to the tours. This is mainly to ensure that tourists do not have to spend too much time looking at their phones and can instead look around and experience the place they are in while listening
  • What is the review process for the tour?
    Our team will manually go through the tour uploaded to check for anything obviously offensive, poor quality images and audios or incorrect locations. This is done to ensure that tourists have the best experience possible. We will get in touch with you if there is a need to modify something in the tour. Tours with very poor reviews and ratings may be reviewed again

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